Wediggit Education

We put best creativity tools in hands of educators to revolutionize the pedagogy in classrooms.

  • Pre-installed and remotely managed iPad devices
  • Breakthrough Accessibility project for special education students
  • Build pedagogical programs for iPad devices & Sphero robots
  • Code and Robotics. A hands on approach for programming with iPads applications, Sphero robots & Wediggit knowledge

  • New Media. Creativity is the name of the game in the New Media program with every creation tools

  • Virtual Reality. Dive with sharks, climb the Everest, enter the human body, visit Rome, create a digital exhibit and more! 

Jamf for Education

Empower students to learn their way.

Education technology Solution for Apple

Educators need powerful, intuitive tools that serve all students — no matter who they are, how they learn or where they learn. Jamf helps schools deliver an active learning environment to everyone with iPad, Mac and Apple TV devices.

Apple in K-12 education.

Apple’s educational apps and services are unmatched. Their hardware has a lower long-term cost of ownership with higher resale value than other types of machines.

That’s why more schools around the world offer iPad devices to students in either a 1-to-1 or shared-device model.

Apple and Jamf in higher education.

We've got college covered.

As students prepare for their future careers, it’s more important than ever to arm them with the tools they’ll need to succeed. And more often, that’s Apple. With Jamf, you can connect, protect and manage all aspects of the Apple ecosystem for student and faculty devices. From a department to an entire university system, Jamf has what universities need.

Provision faculty devices, save money and free up IT time with Jamf.

  • Automated device deployment
  • Behavior-based security
  • Automated application patching
  • Personalized app catalog
  • Hands-on training resources