Google Workspace.

Google Workspace (also known as G Suite) is Google’s cohesive solution for all things productivity and collaboration.

Get more with Wediggit + Google Workspace

Get even more out of Google’s collaboration tools when you choose Wediggit, Israel’s leading Google Workspace Partner for enterprise. When you partner with Wediggit, you’ll pay no more in license fees than you would without us as your Google Partner. In fact, we are often able to provide our clients with exclusive license discounts—just one reason why our clients choose Wediggit for Google Workspace products.

One solution, countless advantages.

We offer complimentary consultation services and consider your entire IT landscape and digital transformation needs, which allows you to get the most out of your Google workspace and the best migration experience if you intend to move from other platforms.

Compare Google Workspace editions.

We’ll be happy to provide a comprehensive comparison chart of all G Suite and Google Workspace edition features—just let us know.

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About us

Elevate your team’s efficiency with Wediggit intelligent and interactive Google Workspace tools. As an enterprise-level Google Workspace Partner and Reseller, Wediggit offers personalized user training, superior support, and numerous benefits for success.

Choosing Wediggit also unlocks access to diverse cloud solutions and bespoke cloud product development, catering to all your enterprise needs.