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For decades, Mac has been known as the most secure out-of-box device on the market. And despite this truth, Apple’s native security functionality provides the greatest starting point for the enterprise, but it’s only the beginning.

In our new e-book, Mac Endpoint Protection for Beginners, we address what Mac endpoint protection is and why endpoint protection that is designed for multiple operating systems doesn’t cut it for Mac.

Download our e-book to learn what Mac-focused endpoint protection means, its capabilities and how to best protect your fleet.


Meital Reiss Yaakov

VP Service

Passionate for Customer service satisfaction.

15 years of experience in various lab, c.sat and service management roles.

Managing Apple projects for key enterprise customers in Israel. Delivering A-Z lifecycle approach for organizations. 

Joined Wediggit in 2017 and quickly assembled a unique team of highly  professional experts. Setting high goals and making enterprise succeed with Apple.

Moshe Kepten

VP Sales

Apple passionate veteran. Senior executive with 23 years of experience in various sales & marketing  management roles.

Personal touch with CIO and C level executives in the Israeli IT market.

Joined Wediggit in 2016 and built a creative passionate sales team. Setting high goals and changing the Israeli enterprise market by deploying innovative Apple solutions.

Naty Drutin


An entrepreneur with proven ability to create a breakthrough change in long established markets.

Senior executive with 25 years of experience in various sales, marketing and business developing leadership roles.

Established Wediggit  in 2014 and with team of passionate professionals, created a change in the landscape of using Apple technologies @ enterprise in Israel. 


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