Mac@Developers Developer quick start guide on Mac



Developer quick start guide on Mac


Unique keyboard shortcuts

  • Search across entire Mac (CMD-SPACE)
  • Application Settings (CMD-,)
  • Kill process (OPT-CMD-ESC)
  • Kill application (CMD-TAB and press Q on highlighted application)
  • Screenshot (CMD-SHIFT-5 and/or CMD-SHIFT-4)

Advanced user settings

  • Enable Right-mouse click ( > System Settings > Mouse > Secondary click)
  • Delete file by pulling file onto Bin in Dock at bottom of screen
  • Setup keyboard shortcuts ( > System Settings > Keyboard > Text Input)
  • Advanced Finder configurations
    (Settings > Advanced > Show all filename extensions)
    (View > Show Status Bar)
    (View > Show Path Bar)
    (Go Press-ALT for hidden menu options)
    Showing hidden files in Finder CMD-SHIFT-PERIOD (“.”)
  • Multiple soft keyboards ( > System Settings > Keyboard > Input Source > Edit > Show input menu in menu bar)
  • Show Emoji & Symbols (top bar-click on Keyboard > Show Emoji & Symbols)
  • Apple Symbol  (OPTION-SHIFT-K)

Core developer pre-installed apps (open by pressing CMD-SPACE)

  • Activity Monitor
  • Terminal
  • Shortcuts (Mac built-in Macro builder)

Useful 3rd-party apps for developers (requires payment to developer |  > App Store)

  • TGPro (real-time monitoring of CPU performance –
  • iStatMenu (Advanced Mac system monitoring –
  • Magnet (adds keyboard shortcuts to resize / position any window on screen –
  • ColorSlurp (enhanced colour management across entire Apple ecosystem –
  • Bartender (manage which apps appear in menu bar –
  • TextMate (Powerful and customizable text editor –
  • JSON Viewer (Lightweight free JSON tool –
  • OK JSON (Scriptable JSON formatter / tool –
  • RapidAPI (Beautiful HTTP Client for developers (formally known as Paw –
  • Transmit 5 (File transfer app –
  • AirBuddy (Wireless device manager –
  • Alfred 5 (productivity and workflow tool for the power user –
  • Little Snitch – (tool to monitor and block network connections

Built-in command line tools (Mac specific)

  • open (open – open files, directories, apps)
  • sips (scriptable image processing system)
  • pbpaste / pbcopy (Clipboard functions)
  • hdiutil (manipulate disk images (attach, verify, create, etc))
  • osascript (execute OSA scripts (AppleScript, JavaScript, etc.))
  • plutil (property list utility)
  • system_profiler (reports system hardware and software configuration.)
  • log (Access system wide log messages created by os_log, os_trace and other logging systems)
  • sysadminctl
  • networksetup
  • launchctl (Interfaces with launchd)
  • softwareupdate (system software update tool)
  • PlistBuddy (/usr/libexec/PlistBuddy – property list editing)
  • say (because its fun)

Further reading

  • Mac tips for Windows switchers /
  • Get to know the Finder on your Mac /
  • macOS User Guide
  • Employee Starter Guide – macOS Ventura Productivity – PDF
  • Employee Starter Guide – macOS Ventura Basics – Presentation
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Meital Reiss Yaakov

VP Service

Passionate for Customer service satisfaction.

15 years of experience in various lab, c.sat and service management roles.

Managing Apple projects for key enterprise customers in Israel. Delivering A-Z lifecycle approach for organizations. 

Joined Wediggit in 2017 and quickly assembled a unique team of highly  professional experts. Setting high goals and making enterprise succeed with Apple.

Moshe Kepten

VP Sales

Apple passionate veteran. Senior executive with 23 years of experience in various sales & marketing  management roles.

Personal touch with CIO and C level executives in the Israeli IT market.

Joined Wediggit in 2016 and built a creative passionate sales team. Setting high goals and changing the Israeli enterprise market by deploying innovative Apple solutions.

Naty Drutin


An entrepreneur with proven ability to create a breakthrough change in long established markets.

Senior executive with 25 years of experience in various sales, marketing and business developing leadership roles.

Established Wediggit  in 2014 and with team of passionate professionals, created a change in the landscape of using Apple technologies @ enterprise in Israel. 


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